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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 22, 2012

Thousands of new Solavei™ customers and sales representatives came to Tampa, Florida on Friday, San Juan, Puerto Rico on Saturday and to Miami, Florida to be a part of the National Launch of Solavei™ Many will be in Atlanta Georgia on Monday night in Atlanta says Hector Montalvo founder
Solavei™ a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MNVO) based out of Seattle,WA that offers 4G Unlimited Talk Text and Data with no contract for $49 a month and now boasts 40,000 customers within just one month of launch is seeing rapid growth because they pay their members to share and get their cell service for free. is an Independent Solavei™ Social Member offering Solavei™ services and providing Online Marketing and affiliate marketing support for their growing Spanish speaking team in the Hispanic markets led by Hector and Rocio Montalvo.
Hector Montalvo says, “The opportunity in Atlanta and all throughout the Southeast couldn’t be bigger. We can now bring on a sales contractor in Atlanta that can quickly benefit from a growing, viral network of referrals in all 50 states. We see a huge opportunity with the Spanish speaking in the United States and Puerto Rico and we are providing the long-term support and infrastructure our Spanish speaking leaders will need to be successful in the US and when we go International in 2013.”
“Since the Company’s launch and rapid growth to 40,000 customers in just 30 days we’ve been busy hiring Internet Marketing Consultants and those with big databases and those with experience in the direct sales industry and particularly those who speak Spanish,” said Montalvo.
“We are teaching our teams how to use Social Media to monetize the opportunity Online,” says Rocio Montalvo.
“It’s really the ‘perfect storm’ Social Media has come of age, the Internet is more interactive, the economy is hurting many families and Solavei™ is making commerce affordable. And now the announcement from Solavei™ about the 11 city ‘I AM SOLAVEI’ includes purple carpet tour stops in Tampa, Miami and San Juan Puerto Rico. “Georgia residents have been anticipating the ‘I AM SOLAVEI’ tour coming to Tampa, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Miami and Atlanta October 19-23,” said a Jacksonville Beach Florida Solavei™ independent contractor recently.
Solavei’s initial product offering is 4G unlimited talk, text, and data with no contract for $49 a month. It operates as a MVNO through a strategic partnership with T-Mobile USA. Solavei is led by former Fortune 100 telecom and retail executives and advisors.
About Solavei™
Solavei™ is a social networking and commerce platform that enables users to connect, share and capitalize on the power of social networks. Solavei’s mission is to make commerce less expensive by empowering individuals to earn income on the products and services they enjoy and use every day. Solavei™ pays its members to refer 4G Unlimited Voice, Text, and Data for $49 per month.
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